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Portable Electronic Siren

Portable Electronic Siren

The ES-P provides a robust, sophisticated and rapidly deployable wide area warning solution. As standard it is designed to be powered from the 12v power socket of a vehicle. The rubber coated magnetic feet of the 360 horn allow versatile placement, including upon a vehicle roof. These features make it ideally suited for emergency and civil defence operation, quarrying, open cast mining, event evacuation, railway maintenance and many other agile mass notification applications.

The control case can be provided as a portable control room solution for ES-X and ES-S systems. In place of the vehicle power connector a 230VAC connection and backup battery is included. The connection would utilise UHF/VHF radio communication between the case and the site sirens.

  • Audibility of 98dB(A) at 30 metres
  • Live PA via handheld microphone
  • 12v fused vehicle power supply plug
  • Silent test facility
  • Adjustable tones and operation via programming port
  • Self-healing short circuit on output amplifier
  • Quick-lok speaker cable between control case and horn for quick and tidy setup
  • Siren activity and fault report log stored in NVM
  • Integrated CMC 4 with mag-key lock for authorised operation
  • Case rated to IP67 when closed
  • Operating temperature range of -20 to +60 ˚C

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