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GP & FP Siren Control Panels

GP & FP Siren Control Panels

Control panels can be supplied to safely connect and control the GP & FP range of motor sirens. They also provide the facility to operate different warning tones form the siren by timing the supply to produce a ‘wail’ tone in addition to the standard ‘constant’ tone.

  • Enclosure manufactured from powder coated mild steel rated to IP65.
  • Integral switches on the door allow for complete isolation (lockable in the off position), activation of the constant tone, activation of the wail tone and stopping of the siren operation.
  • LED indicators highlight the presence of the 400VAC supply and the derived 110VAC.
  • Remote switch input facility allowing volt-free contacts to switch a 110VAC control signal.
  • Adjustable warning signal duration timers.
  • Adjustable wail tone signal duty cycle (default set to 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off pattern).
  • Volt-free output connection which changes state when the contactor is active (useful for beacons or third party system connections).
  • Volt-free output connection which changes state in the event of an overload.
  • Protected 110VAC output to allow synchronised operation of slave units when multiple sirens are required.
  • Protected 230VAC output for GP anti-icing heater connection.
  • Thermistor trip relay for FP sirens.
  • Remote wired switch module also available - SIP-3 (HDW1036)

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