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EXD Buzzer

EXD Buzzer

The Exd Buzzer is an explosion proof buzzer designed for use in hazardous areas where a distinctive signal is required. Certified to ATEX II 2G Exd e IIC T6, it is suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.

Producing a tone with low frequency, it cuts through background noise more effectively than many other devices of a similar output.

Mounted in a rugged reinforced polyester case and weatherproof to IP66, it is suitable for use in the most arduous conditions.

  • Rated for Category 2 use (formerly Zone 1 & 2)
  • ATEX: II 2G Exd e IIC T6 
  • Heavy duty buzzer
  • Weatherproof to IP66
  • Rugged construction 

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