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Electronic Siren

Electronic Siren

The S range of electronic sirens provides a sophisticated, robust and versatile signalling solution for a range of industrial, civil, commercial and environmental requirements. The products are of modular construction incorporating a user configuration software package which allows the sirens to be scaled and tailored to the user’s most complex specific needs including omni or uni – directional sound coverage and customised sound output. These systems are fully compatible with the ES-X range to allow for upgrades and/or expansion.

  • Enclosure manufactured from powder coated mild steel with an IP65 rating. Stainless steel enclosures are available by request.
  • Siren is powered from an internal 48VDC battery supply which remains charged via a monitored PSU.
  • Mains supply to the panel PSU is 110/220VAC ±20% @ 47-63Hz.
  • Solar panels with charge regulators can be added for appropriate installations where AC is not available.
  • Expected siren operation of 6 minutes following a 4 day loss of AC power.
  • Siren controller can be configured to operate direct from the AC supply without battery if required.
  • Live PA feature via a 600Ω balanced and isolated input or microphone connected to HMI interface.
  • Output amplifier features a self healing short circuit with thermal and over current protection.
  • Full control of single or multiple units can be achieved via RS485 over distances up to 1.5km.
  • VHF/UHF radio units, IP modules or Fibre Optic modems can be used for remote operation.

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