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Mass Notification Strategy

Klaxon Signal’s mass notification warning systems provide a full product and service combination.  Most projects take the form of 4 discrete stages:

Stage 1: Strategic Assessment
Initial enquires are assessed for mass notification suitability, with the objective of ensuring that the aims & objectives of system performance are clearly defined.

Stage 2: Physical Location Study
The physical properties of the application site are considered, taking into account the size and location of the site, population density, special factors and communication requirements, both locally and remotely.

Stage 3: Acoustic Analysis
On location a background acoustic survey is conducted and major sound path restrictions identified. A full diagnostics ‘Sound Plan’ is developed, providing a detailed computer simulation to facilitate system design.

Stage 4: Solution Design
Design scenarios are computer modeled and evaluated, resulting in choice of optimised solutions for maximum performance with minimal disruption and cost. Detailed procurement specifications are produced, enabling the client to proceed with their preferred solution.