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High Output Sounder

Nexus Sounder

This high output sounder is designed for industrial applications.

Available as DC or AC variant.




  • Three alarm stages
  • First-fix, wire to base technology
  • IP66 rated
  • Volume control for greater flexibility - 20dB
  • 64 tones
  • Low voltage option (AC)

Part No.DescriptionColoursAudibility at 1m TonesVoltageCurrent (tone dependent)
PNS-0001Nexus 105Red105dB (A)6410-60V DC8-40mA
PNS-0013Nexus 110Red110dB (A)6410-60V DC10-50mA
PNS-0005Nexus 120Red120dB (A)6410-60V DC120-550mA

IP Rating: IP66   Operating Temp: -25ºC to +70ºC   Cable Entries: 5    Weight: 105dB Sounder - 0.7kg; 110dB Sounder -1.1Kg; 120dB Sounder -1.8Kg    Compliance: EN54-3 Type B