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Voice Sounders & Beacons

Sonos Voice

The Sonos voice range combines normal sounder signals with a clear, synchronised voice message to help reduce confusion and distress during an active alarm.

Units are available with 7 pre-programmed messages, selected from an extensive message library covering almost any conceivable application. Bespoke messages are also available on request.

These sounders can be used in small to medium fire alarm system installations where up to 7 messages can be transmitted over two wires via a message controller.

Both Sonos voice enhanced variants are available as sounders or sounder-beacons in either red or white, with shallow or deep base (IP65) options for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Choice of up to 7 messages
  • 106dB (A) tone and 80dB (A) message outputs
  • Extensive message library or bespoke messages available
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Easily retro-fits to existing installations
  • Capable of playing up to 7 messages over two wires via a message controller*
  • Includes alert tone
  • High efficiency LED Beacon option

Part No.ColoursAudibility at 1m Dimensions:TonesVoltageCurrent (tone dependent)Messages
PSV-0010 shallow baseRedUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC26mA (max)3
PSV-0009 deep baseRedUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC26mA (max)3
PSV-0012 shallow baseWhiteUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC26mA (max)3
PSV-0011 deep baseWhiteUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC26mA (max)3
PSV-0013 deep baseRed base, red lensUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC30mA (max)3
PSV-0014 shallow baseRed base, red lensUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC30mA (max)3
PSV-0015 deep baseWhite base, clear lens/red LEDUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC30mA (max)3
PSV-0016 shallow baseWhite base, clear lens/red LEDUp to 106dB (A)3224V DC30mA (max)3

*Note: PNV-0022 Message Controller for Fire Alarm Systems; PNV-0004 Message Controller for Gas Exstinguishing Systems


IP Rating: IP65 (deep base)    IP21 (shallow base)     Operating Temp: -25ºC to +70ºC    Construction: Flame Retardant Polycarbonate   
Cable Entries: Deep Base: 2 x 20mm cable glands    Weight: 0.22kg (shallow base) 0.25kg (deep base)    Compliance: EN60950