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Portable Electronic Siren

Portable Electronic Siren

The ES siren superior portable range provides an extremely robust and sophisticated rapidly deployable wide area warning device with its own integral battery pack making it ideally suitable for emergency and civil defence operation, quarrying, open cast mining, railway maintenance and many other mass notification applications.

The products are based on the standard superior range of siren which allows the sirens to be scaled
and tailored to the user’s specific needs in terms of signalling and omni or uni – directional sound coverage.


  • Audibility range between 106db @ 30metres for the smallest unit to 115db @ 30metres for the largest unit. Sirens in this range in increasing order of sound output are the ES1/2SP and ES1/3SP.
  • 16 user selectable & configurable emergency signals.
  • Storage for up to & selectable 200 pre-recorded voice messages. (Voice files are stored as PCM-CCITT 8000 kHz 8 bits mono).
  • Live PA via a 600 ohm balanced & isolated input & record playback facility to avoid acoustic feedback.
  • Battery operated from an integral battery pack housed in its own container for rapid replacement in operational conditions.
  • User definable schedules for time/date signalling.
  • Silent test facility to minimise nuisance signalling to test the siren.
  • Full control and fault diagnosis of a single or multiple units via an RS485 interface of up to 1km distance from the siren.
  • Simple control and fault reporting via 8 VFC opto-coupled inputs. (3 connected to buttons on the enclosure).
  • Supports a radio & modem for remote operation via bi-directional integrated RS232 interface.
  • Supports a GPS clock for accurate time synchronisation for schedules via an integrated RS232 interface.
  • Class D 375W amplifier used in the output with self healing short circuit, thermal & over current protection.
  • Auxiliary monitor & control inputs & outputs.
  • Siren activity and fault report log.
  • Operation run time when emitting a continuous sound or message is approximately 1 hour from a fully charged battery pack.
  • Supports CMC 4 optional engineer’s activation & supervision panel with microphone input facility.
  • Control and battery enclosures constructed from die cast aluminium and fitted with fully weatherproof Mil-Standard connectors which provide an environmental rating of IP65. The battery enclosure also contains an integrated charger for ease of maintenance. (Enclosure sizes & weight 420x300x230mm, 9Kg control unit & 26Kg battery unit).
  • Battery pack would be rechargeable from a suitable 230Vac supply and would take in the region of 8 hours when   charging from a fully discharged state.
  • Operating temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees C
  • Ether standard loudspeaker horns permanently installed on a suitable structure or as part of a trailer/sledge    arrangement can be used for the speaker array or alternatively lightweight fibreglass horns mounted on the a quickly erectable hydraulic portable mast.
  • Portable mast is manufactured to Mil standard 810F has an erected height of 4 metres, retracted length of 1.8 metres in its carry case and weighs approximately 28Kg.
  • Alternative mast arrangement available for solid tarmac or concrete surfaced.